About Pearly Gaits Ranch

Pearly Gaits Ranch "Quality Care for your Furry Children"

Pearly Gaits Ranch is named for the smooth gait of my beloved Tennessee Walking horses. We have a 60 acre horse ranch about 25 miles south of Wichita, Kansas. The horses share the ranch with our dogs, goats, assorted poultry and even our own St. Peter. Yes Pearly Gaits Ranch has a miniature donkey that guards our pastures like his saintly namesake.

In middle age I acquired my first horse. I was so blessed to have that one of a kind, wonderful horse who was my teacher, my friend, my counselor, my reason for being back here in Kansas at Pearly Gaits Ranch. Reno was 15 when we joined up and after many years of fun together he needed a home to retire to. So, together, we shopped and found the perfect place.

Pearly Gaits Ranch started out as a horse boarding hobby. It has grown over the years and is now a small business. We offer pasture board in one of four lush, shady pastures. The fifth pasture is available for riding but is primarily our hay pasture. We produce our own horse quality Bermuda hay. All pastures have shelters and freeze proof waterers. We also offer an indoor riding arena, easy access to quiet country lanes for riding and a tack room for storage of equipment.

My experience as a Registered Veterinary Technician led to adding our popular dog boarding feature to Pearly Gaits Ranch. We offer heated and air-conditioned rooms with individual crates for overnight stays. During the day with weather permitting, there are many options for outdoor exercise pens with shelters in each. Many of the dogs enjoy socializing with the other boarders during their outdoor times.

Pearly Gaits Ranch is located right off of I-35 near Wellington, Kansas for easy access to overnight your horses while traveling. We offer stalls bedded with straw, paddocks with shelter or for advance notice we can offer a pasture for 8 or more horses. We have RV hookup with electric and water or we can direct you to nearby motels for the humans.