Horse Boarding

Pearly Gaits Ranch "Quality Care for your Furry Children"

Pearly Gaits Ranch started out as a horse boarding hobby. It has grown over the years and is now a small business. We offer pasture board in one of four lush, shady pastures. The fifth pasture is available for riding but is primarily our hay pasture. We produce our own horse quality Bermuda hay. All pastures have shelters and freeze proof waterers. We also offer an indoor riding arena, easy access to quiet country lanes for riding and a tack room for storage of equipment. Pearly Gaits Ranch is your pet's home away from home with care provided by "trained and certified Pet CPR & Pet First Aid" management.

Monthly horse boarding is available as pasture board only. All horses have free access to pasture round the clock. In winter round bales of Bermuda hay are available. All pastures have shelters and free access to freeze proof waterers. Supplemental feed is the responsibility of the owner as is farrier, vet care, blanketing, and deworming. Indoor riding arena, access to round pen, hay field for riding and easy access to quiet country riding via dirt roads at the back of the property are part of the package here at Pearly Gaits Ranch. Tack room for storage of equipment and feed is available. Horses are divided among 5 pastures depending on grass availability. All pastures have access to fresh water and shade as well as lush pastures that are sprayed and fertilized each year. Maximum population for the 60 acres ranch is 20 horses. Current rates are available by phone or email.

Owner/ operator is a Registered Veterinary Technician with 20 years experience with horses. I am available for problems or questions with your horse upon request. If I don't know the answer I can usually find a source of information. We do offer sick bay in stalls at additional cost for sick or injured horses or additional shelter for elderly horses as needed for severe weather conditions. We offer regular farrier service or you are welcome to bring in your own farrier. A local veterinarian pays a yearly vaccination call and other issues can be addressed at this time with advanced notice.

Our boarding business is also our home. We only ask that you treat it as you would your own home. We offer a family atmosphere where well behaved children are welcome and encouraged to engage with all our animals.

Horse Boarding Agreement