Pet Boarding

Pearly Gaits Ranch "Quality Care for your Furry Children"

Serving Wellington's pets and critters since 2005, Pearly Gaits Ranch is a full service boarding facility. We specialize in quality care and attentive service for your dog, cat, or other critter. We also can board your rabbit, bird, ferret, hamster, or other exotic. We also offer day care services. Pearly Gaits Ranch is your pet's home away from home with care provided by "trained and certified Pet CPR & Pet First Aid" management.

We offer three Classes of Care:
  • Day Care
  • Short-term Overnight Care
  • Long-term Overnight Care

I board dogs and cats. Exotics are accepted if they have their own traveling cages to bring with the animal. I have accepted ferrets, rabbits and guinea pigs, but would consider others if I can accommodate.

I charge 15 dollars per day no matter the size or breed. Day care is also 15 dollars per day. Long term care and multiple pets are discussed on a case by case basis.

I take cash or check only.

Drop off and Pick up times are by appointment and we are flexible with early and late arrivals 7 days a week.

I have offered basic dog training on a case by case basis, but require the owner to be present and take part in the training, I use clicker training with dogs and work from sit-stay, to down- stay, heel, come and tricks as desired. I can also offer beginning agility training including jumps, tunnels, weave poles and dog walk approach and down position.

I require the basic 5 in one vaccinations for dogs which should include parvo. In addition Rabies tags must be current as well as Kennel Cough. Copy of current shots is appreciated.

I will administer medications as needed as long as detailed instructions are provided. No charge for this service.

I provide the dog bedding, however owners are allowed to bring a special blanket or bed if it will make their pet feel more at home.

Most all crates are large or extra large 36x48. We do have a few smaller crates for extra busy weekends. But the pets will be placed according to size and temperament.

Outdoor pens vary in size. We have small pens for miniature type dogs and larger pens for exercise time for larger dogs. We have limited space in an escape proof pen with roof and no dig floor. We offer outdoor only accommodations for hunting type dogs with shelters. Several pens can hold 3 to 4 larger dogs for families with multiple dogs.

Dogs are exercised four to five times a day depending on the needs of the dog. In good weather those dogs who enjoy being outdoors can spend most of the day outside and come in to their crate at night. They are let out by 8:00 AM each morning. Last potty break of an evening is just before dark. Special accommodations are made for dogs on medications or with special needs.

Pens are cleaned twice daily and crates daily or as needed in case of accidents or spills.

Group play is offered for dogs that get along. New dogs are introduced in an adjoining pen to determine tolerance and are never fed in a large groups unless from the same family and used to eating together.

Our boarding rooms are heated and air conditioned according to the seasons and are cleaned daily. We offer extra fans for dogs who require more ventilation. Certain breeds, such as Bulldogs, Pugs, or older dogs are not left out for longer than 20 minutes unless requested by the owner due to the risk of over heating.

Pet Boarding Agreement